About Me

Hello! Welcome to my WordPress Blog!

(For the record, I won’t be blogging, per se… I just wanted a simply-designed website that would look nice on a mobile device as well as a computer. :-))

I have been a professional sound engineer since 1985 when I was sink-or-swimmed one night at the Last Call Saloon in Providence, RI when their house sound technician pulled a no-show, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve worked with countless local and national artists over the years, along with local theater and corporate work.

Currently I’m an Audio / Visual Technician at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, and continue to do freelance audio tech work locally.

I’m still not sure if sink-or-swimmed is a real term or not, but I’m going with it anyway. So, there.

Thank you for visiting!

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